Q. Do you only do t-shirts?

A. No.
We print on a broad range of items, including t-shirts, polos, sports gear, wind cheaters, pennants, stickers, stubby holders and water bottles. We also offer embroidery services.

Q. Can we supply our own t-shirts or do you supply them for us?

A. Both options are possible. Supply your own preferred brand and style or choose from a number of our quality suppliers. Our suppliers stock a wide range of garments at competitive prices, including, t-shirts, polos, singlets, hoodies, wind cheaters, track suits and hats.

Go to our suppliers link to check out what is available.

Q. How do I need to supply my artwork?

A. Ideally, we require artwork to be supplied in a vector format, particularly for multi- coloured and intricate designs.

Vector artwork includes:

  • illustrator (ai)
  • Eps
  • Original Pdf formats

Hard copies and Jpegs can sometimes be used, however they are mainly suited to basic and single colour images.

We are able to have images and designs redrawn or set out by a graphics art team. If you require artwork to be designed from scratch, we recommend you organise a reputable graphic artist such as Osborne Graphics (08 9446 9330).

Q. I am ready to have some printing done, how do I proceed?

A. We recommend you contact to us first via email. Please supply the following information:

  • Contact details (name, company name, address, postal address, phone and fax)
  • Are you supplying the garments or would you like us to supply them?
  • How many items are being printed?
  • Do you have the artwork?
  • Is the artwork in the correct electronic format?
  • How many colours are in the design?
  • Where is the print located? (eg. both sides, front, back, sleeves)
  • What is the size of the print?
  • What is your preferred deadline, especially if you need your print for an event.

Q. What is the minimum quantity that can be printed?

A. There is no minimum quantity for printing. Larger quantities are generally cheaper per unit as set-up costs are distributed over the total number of items. This means a smaller quantity may seem more expensive, especially if prints have multi-coloured designs.

Q. How soon can I collect my print job?

A. Generally a minimum of 10 working days from the date we receive the garments (or other items) and final artwork has been approved. Repeat orders may be completed in a shorter time.